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Find out when and how you should use natural supplements to effectively support your health.

Supplement now? Supplement how?

In recent years we have become increasingly aware of food and its constituents, as well as the nutrients we need to provide to the body through nutrition. Despite this knowledge, it has become more and more difficult, to meet the requirements of healthy diet in everyday life, especially in our highly technical and industrialized world. A deficiency of the organism with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other important nutrients is the result and has numerous negative side effects. Excessive tiredness, fatigue but also over-stimulation and insomnia are just a few examples of these side effects. There are three main factors that cause or favor such a deficiency:


Hustle, rush and stress often dominate our everyday lives. This is usually accompanied by bad eating habits such as fast food, irregular meals, canteen meals or even food shortages during diets. Thus the absorption of vital substances is not guaranteed and this inevitably leads to a variety of deficiencies. The resulting shortage of nutrients strains the natural function of the immune system and can ultimately lead to a variety of problems and diseases.


Even if we carefully choose a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, whole grains and a balanced composition of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats, it is difficult to do that with high quality foods. Our food often grows on leached soils, is harvested too early and has been transported far distances. As a result we do not always find the full force we need in our nutrition. In addition, during the preparation of our food other important nutrients are lost by heating and oxidation.

Extraordinary burden

From time to time there are extraordinary stresses in life that have a variety of effects on the quality of our life. Stress from the double burden of work and family, special career challenges, the care of a relative or simply times in which great worries and tension accompany life. Of course also sports activity or a beautiful change of life as the time of pregnancy and nursing may result in a change in the need for vital substances. There are various reasons why our body sometimes simply needs more vital substances and gets sick if it does not get it.

The classic effects of these deficiencies are fatigue, nervousness and the feeling of not being able to keep up with the pace of your own life. In the long term a severe deficiency can lead to illness or at least a general vulnerability to illnesses. A classic example of this is when you just "function” in everyday life and become ill on the first day of your vacation, because the body demands regeneration and demands a break for relaxation through an "emergency stop".

Ideally, these situations should be avoided by taking the possibility of natural and effective supplementation used preventively. Sensible elixirs, capsules and powders, which are regularly fed to the body in concentrated and concerted dosage, ensure that despite our hectic and irregular lifestyle, we receive the vital nutrients we need not only to function, but to live well.

Neuner's elixirs, capsules and powders offer ingredients that are as natural as possible and therefore provide optimal absorption into the organism. In addition they are sensibly combined and tailored to everyday needs and particularly suitable for an effective supplementation. Discover our extensive range of nutritional supplements and see how we can help you in preventing food deficits, remedying a deficiency or on the path to new goals.

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