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The healing force of nature lives in herbs

Infusi Tradition

The healing force of nature lives in herbs

Plants, trees and bushes are living organisms like ourselves and acquire their nourishment from the water in the soil. In this way they obtain salts, minerals and trace elements, which they store alongside the energy from the cosmos and the thousands of suns. This energy is preserved in plant parts that are properly harvested and dried. As a result, we can absorb all this stored energy into our body by drinking the tea, enabling us to make good any deficiencies and to remedy any complaints – in other words to harmonize our Body.

All herbs have main and secondary effects. However, our primary aim is to exploit the main effects. In order to avoid the undesirable occurrence of secondary effects, you should only use individual herbs in a course of treatment not lasting longer than two or three weeks.

The case is different for expertly composed harmonious herb tea mixtures. These can be taken without any second thoughts over longer periods of time. This is particularly important for chronic or long-lasting problem such as kidney, stomach, digestion and metabolism Problems.

General recommendations for the correct preparation and use of Neuner’s Tradition infusions:
  • You can drink a maximum of 5 different kinds of Tradition infusions each day. However, prepare each tea separately – do not mix them!
  • If you are only using one blend, you can drink 3-5 cups of this particular infusion each day.
  • To ensure maximum benefit, drink the medicinal tea half an hour before or one hour after eating.
  • If you are using more than one blend on the same day, drink the stimulating, activating infusions in the morning and the soothing infusions in the evening. Infusions that promote the digestion process (No. 2 and No. 14) should be drunk in the morning or evening, not at noon.

Additional tips:
  • Prepare the Tradition infusions fresh each day
  • Only use the herbs for one Infusion
  • Store the herbs in a dry place away from the light, the best place would be a closed container (not plastic or metal)
  • You can drink the Tradition infusions whenever you want, over a long or short period. They are not habit-forming, nor is there any danger of becoming dependent on them.
Tradition infusion No. 14
Digestion herbs

Tradition infusion No. 11
Herbs to promote bronchial and respiratory activity

Tradition infusion No. 25
Purification herbs