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Since 4 decades Neuner's is your specialist for effective

elixirs – capsules – powders

Naturally effective supplements

Since 4 decades Neuner's is your specialist for effective

elixirs – capsules – powders

Since more than 130 years Neuner's naturally accompanies people in their healthy everyday lives. During this long time, we and our ancestors have built up an immensely valuable knowledge about nature and its remedies. Tried and tested herbal infusions and rubs with recipes, which have been optimally utilizing the power of nature for over a century, are available to accompany our customers as well as modern knowledge on active ingredients such as vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Combining this knowledge sensibly is our strength and the strength of our products. For more than four decades, the holistic assortment of Neuner’s elixirs, capsules and powders naturally helps people to supply their everyday diet with precious nutrients in order to maintain their bodies healthy and vital successfully.

Neuner's nutritional supplements are always created with the aim of supporting people in their current life situations and optimally accompanying them to stay healthy or to regain vitality. With their holistic formulations, they provide your body with just the active ingredients that it needs, depending on whether you feel exhausted, you lack healthy sleep or you are just working on your feel-good weight. Neuner’s achieves this optimal composition of active ingredients by combining the experience of 5 generations with the latest developments in science and research.

Unlike taking A-Z vitamins randomly, Neuner's products supplement and strengthen your organism entirely. It is particularly important to Neuner’s not only to combat symptoms, but to strengthen the body by balancing deficits and act on the root cause of a problem effectively through the ideal combination of powerful active ingredients. This holistic idea and the well-balanced combination of impact optimization are the reasons why Neuner's supplements support a healthy everyday life so effectively and help maintain good long-term health.

Of course, in addition to a sensible recipe, it is of utmost importance to use the best available quality of raw materials and state-of-the-art production technology in order to offer a product of highest quality. That is why Neuner's work with long-term, strictly controlled and certified partners and laboratories that not only adhere to standards, but set them.

When it comes to the production of Neuner’s supplements ingredient lists completely do without preservatives and production excipients such as floating agents or emulsifiers are minimized as far as possible.

The final important detail on the way to getting a perfect product is to find and offer the optimum dosage form for each product, based on the characteristics of active ingredients and areas of application.

Considering these various factors carefully completes the overall package you receive when you buy Neuner's supplements - avoiding strain and over dosage, while optimizing the absorption and utilization of valuable nutrients to guarantee the best effect.

Neuner’s pays close attention to every single detail in order to offer products with the highest quality for your health and wellbeing. Discover the extensive range of Neuner’s nutritional supplements and find your perfect helper to prevent food deficits, remedy deficiencies or accompany you effectively on the path to new goals.

Sleep well Elixir
With melatonin and lemon balm

Detox Elixir
Plant Elixir to promote detoxification

Iron forte Elixir
Essential not only for Vegans